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FAQ: Acco Study Materials Tool

This depends on the size of the order. We try to make new copies available at the point of sale within five days of the order being placed.

Via the online Acco Study Materials tool. Do you have any questions about this tool? If so, check out the FAQs on the Acco Study Materials Tool or contact us via

We are working with a new Acco Study Materials Tool in which you can enter course books.

If you teach at different sites of the same institute, then you’ll find the study materials via the link you received. Not received a link? Send an email to

Do you teach at different institutes? If so, you will receive an invitation email at the email address of the different institutes. You will need to specify the materials separately for each institution.

If we have not received a list of subjects from your institution, you can upload your study materials via the option ‘my teaching materials’.

Please note: in that case you should not add any subjects!

We send a number of emails to let you know about changes which you or a fellow teacher has introduced for a specific subject. The changes are processed every day. When a subject has been closed, all teachers linked to that subject are notified.

If you have had study materials previously published at Acco and you cannot find them in the tool, you will still be able to specify the materials by clicking on ‘validate teaching materials’ for your subject(s). In this case you can ‘add teaching materials’. You can indicate existing or new materials here.

We have received a list of subjects for certain institutes. In this way you can add all subjects via the ‘add subject’ button.

For other we have listed the subjects for which Acco has been notified. This list is not complete. If you would like to see the subject re-added to the list, you can request this via We will make sure that this subject is listed when the next enquiry is made.

Once the coursebook has been uploaded in the Acco Study Materials Tool you will get a web preview, which you can approve.

It doesn’t have to be uploaded again, but you must confirm use of the unchanged coursebook. We would ask you to confirm that nothing has changed and the coursebook can be reprinted.

Correct. Only the subjects for which you submitted study materials in the previous academic year are displayed in the tool.

However, we have not received a list for all institutes. If we don’t have an official list, we cannot add any subjects. You should contact us via to check on how you can best upload your materials.

As it takes three weeks before a coursebook is ready, we would advise you to submit your coursebook at least three weeks before your lectures start.

Please contact us via

FAQ: publishing a coursebook

Every student, when they purchase a coursebook, will receive a unique activation code for the digital version on Sofia. Once the student has gone through the simple activation process, they will have access to the digital coursebook.

We estimate a period of three weeks from the moment we receive the coursebook up until the moment it is on sale in the shops.

Normally, a coursebook is bound, but if required it can be published in a loose-leaf format, perforated and laminated. You can specify your choice when you upload your file.

Yes, your Acco coursebook is protected against being pirated. In other words, the PDF file of your Acco coursebook on Sofia cannot be edited, downloaded or printed. In this way we can prevent the PDF file being passed on or used as a replacement for the physical version of your coursebook.

Yes, of course, but the price of colour-printed pages is more expensive. The price for a full-colour page (per page) €0.35 instead of €0.0515 for a page in black & white. It’s also possible to have just a few pages in full-colour and the rest in black & white. We would ask you to specify clearly which pages in your PDF file need to be printed in colour. It is also possible to add coloured sheets (in most cases blue) to the inside of the coursebook. The price for these sheets is €0.09.

Royalties are calculated on the basis of the sale of your Acco coursebook, including the digital component. The royalties therefore depend on the number of copies sold and does not increase as a result of the digital component being added.

An activation code can be used once only. The student must register on Sofia and can activate his or her unique code there to activate their digital version.

No, making the digital version of your Acco coursebook on Sofia available op Sofia has no financial consequences, neither with respect to price of the coursebook for students, nor for your royalties.

We do not work with minimum print-runs for coursebooks.

If you have received an invitation email, you can upload your coursebook in the Acco Study Materials Tool. If you have not received an email, you should contact one of our learning consultants via If you have previously published a coursebook through Acco, send an email to

A PDF or Word file.

At Acco we calculate a fixed price per page of €0.0515 for each printed page and €1.25 for the cover.

  • €0.0515 for a page in black & white
  • €0.35 for a page in full-colour
  • €0.09 for a page in one colour
  • €1.25 for an A4 cover
  • €2 for a cover of 175 × 250mm

For environmental reasons, we print coursebooks double-sided as a standard, but if required, this can also be one-sided. You can specify this choice when you upload your files.

Press copies

Would you like to write a review on one of the Acco publications? Then request a press copy. We will assess your application and then send you a digital or paper version.

Teacher’s copies

Would you like to evaluate whether a publication from the current Acco catalog fits your study programme? Then request a teacher’s copy.

Please note: at this time, the request forms for press and teacher’s copies are only available in Dutch. Contact us if you need more information in English.