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In our ever-changing society, learning is an absolute must. Successful learning however, cannot be achieved alone. Are you a student or professional? Do you teach or organise study programmes within your company? Acco has a learning solution for every situation.

For higher education, businesses and other organisations

High-impact learning solutions

Learning is a lifelong process: as a child at school, as a student in higher education and as a professional throughout your career. And that’s important, since continued development is vital to staying ahead in our changing world.

When it comes to successful learning, Acco has been the expert for 60 years. We create customised learning solutions, such as blended coursebooks, e-learning modules or courses, which support enjoyable and successful learning paths producing optimum results. We do that both for higher education and for business.

We select and create study material and specialist literature for you, whilst also making sure that study and office resources can be quickly made available through your local bookseller or online.

As a student or a professional

Successful learning

As a student or professional, your aim is to learn successfully, either as part of your studies or in your working life. Acco has created and selected top-quality study material and relevant specialist literature just for you. You can buy at favourable rates through our bookshops, our webshop or via one of our partners near you.

Acco specialises in professional literature for health scientists, veterinarians and professionals in psychology.

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With an active, blended learning path

Motivating and supporting students

Every day, teachers like yourself are committed to supporting their students in their learning process. Acco Learn, together with you, devises learning solutions so that students can enjoy their learning experience to the full, with an optimum outcome.

For higher education

For businesses in the healthcare sector

High-impact learning solutions

You work with new medical developments every day. Are you looking for a way to increase the impact of your efforts? Acco Learn for Business offers a range of learning solutions, such as onboarding, e-learning or blended learning journeys. Our solutions are always efficient, built on our strong vision of learning and evidence-based didactic principles. Whether you want to support your customers or patients, or train your own staff, we ensure everyone is included.

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Learning solutions for higher education

Increase your students’ chances of success. Together we develop a didactic strategy, create the content for your study programme and select the appropriate digital tools. At all times, we do this according to the principles of active and blended learning.

Learning solutions for business

Boost the productivity, motivation and satisfaction levels of your employees or customers with Acco Learn’s learning solutions. We seek out the best mix of content, strategy and technology for your training needs.