Combine learning methods into a complementary mix with all the benefits of online and offline learning.

An effective combination of learning methods

Blended learning combines learning methods into a complementary mix which is fully geared up to your study programme. Blended refers to the combination of online and face-to-face teaching, or the combination of digital study materials and study materials on paper.

Blended learning allows you to choose suitable methods for each part of your learning path. This enables you to harness the strengths of these learning forms in situations which benefit your students the most.

The benefits of offline learning

88.62%* of students in higher education in Flanders still express a preference for studying with paper. And 70.54%* believe that they can retain the subject matter better by taking notes with pen and paper. An offline or face-to-face component of your learning process is therefore indispensable.

When you are in the same room as your students, you’re able deal with their questions more effectively. You can motivate them individually or as a group and provide feedback. Moreover, the majority* of students misses the interaction with teachers and social contact with fellow students in distance learning.

(*Results of a survey sent out by Acco to 285 teachers and 896 students in higher education in Flanders.)

And the benefits of digital learning

87.84%* of students in higher education in Flanders find it is easier to assimilate theory if they have access to digital study materials, such as online exercises, tests or visual aids. And that comes as no surprise: multimedia and digital tools allow you to recognise and retain the information more easily. In addition, your students can choose the tempo at which they assimilate the information.

Digital platforms also have the additional advantage of being able to use learning analytics. This provides you with data on:

    • • and which obstacles your students face.
      • areas in which your students need help;
      • the extent to which your students have processed information;

(*Results of a survey sent out by Acco to 285 teachers and 896 students in higher education in Flanders.)

Customised study materials

What do you need in terms of didactics, content and technology? Acco Learn helps you make the right choices in each of these areas so that your study materials are dovetailed to your study programme. Through our collaboration with teachers, we have developed a number of models for study materials which meet the specific needs of higher education.

Digital support

How can the right technology support your learning path? Acco Learn helps you choose the right technological support for your learning solution, whether this be e-learning, video, virtual reality or an app. We do this for you together with our partners.

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