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Lifelong learning pays off. For your organisation and employees, but also for your customers. Especially if you do it with a lot of enthusiasm, in a minimum amount of time and with maximum learning results. At Acco Learn for Business, the spin-off of cooperative organisation Acco, we have everything you need to make your training more fun, shorter and more effective.

Our services

Our offer ranges from didactic expert advice and train-the-trainer workshops to the realisation of complete training programmes. No matter what your learning question is, we sink our teeth into it.

We advise

Do you have a learning question and are you looking for advice? Would you like to gain more insight into the ROI of your training? Are you looking for a suitable technology to support learning or for a unified approach to create your trainings? Or would you like to know more about creating a learning culture in your organisation? You can approach us with all your learning questions. Our consultants are happy to think along with you and provide didactic advice tailored to your question.

We create

Looking for support in developing a blended learning path, e-learning or micro-learning? Or do you want to integrate innovative technologies such as VR and AR into your training? We are happy to help you realise your learning solution. We adapt your existing learning materials into didactically strong learning content, develop new learning materials where necessary and determine the right combination of learning methods and technologies. This way, we develop stimulating learning experiences that contribute to your success.

We optimise

Is one of your current training courses failing to deliver what you expected? Do your trainees have to invest too much time to achieve the intended learning objectives? Or are they not enthusiastic about your learning programme? In that case, we thoroughly analyse which elements of your learning path we can optimise to achieve the desired goals. Based on evidence-based learning strategies, we adapt your learning path to make it shorter, more effective and more fun.

We guide

Whether you turn to us for advice, creation or optimisation, we guide you and your team every step of the way. Could your trainers use some extra guidance to get the most out of your trainees? Or would your team benefit from additional knowledge about instructional design? You can consult us for tailor-made train-the-trainer programmes and other coaching workshops. This way, we ensure that everyone is on board and that you possess the knowledge and skills to get started.

Hack your learning

In order to provide businesses with insights into their own learning situation, we have developed the ‘hack your learning’ framework to learn more in less time. Taking the learner’s own perspective as the starting point, we help you identify all the elements you need to achieve optimal learning outcomes. Based on this, we are able to map out a learning journey with you. You can either put this into action yourself, or we can plan it out on your behalf.

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Our blog & cases

Want to know how a learning solution is developed at Acco Learn for Business? Which outcomes our learning solutions deliver? And what our customers think about them? Discover all about it in our case studies:

Erwin Lenaers • 4 August 2023
Case study: VDAB

VDAB called on Acco Learn for Business to develop the content of the e-learning Information Point for training providers.

Niels Strybos • 22 September 2021
Case study – Professional online training for Fluidda

Acco Learn for Business developed, in close consultation with Fluidda, a blended learning experience, consisting of a digital learning path in combination with a face-to–face meeting between trainer and learner.  

Erwin Lenaers • 4 October 2021
Blended learning: the benefits of online and offline learning

At home in healthcare

As a medical devices, pharmaceutical or healthcare company, your aim is to entrust highly specialised developments and services to those who know your industry inside-out. Acco Learn for Business has many years of expertise working in the healthcare sector. Like no other, we help your organisation with the transfer of complex know-how into a readily accessible teaching form.

Acco Learn for Business for healthcare

Our team

At Acco Learn for Business, we quickly and effectively develop a learning solution tailored to your needs. To do so, our team gathers a wide range of experts – from learning consultants through designers to final editors – who are happy to take care of everything from A to Z.

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Our partners

Learn more efficiently thanks to an integrated learning pathway, virtual reality and targeted assessment.

Televic Education

Televic Education is a global expert in digital training and assessment. Their versatile exercise and assessment platform assessmentQ is used nationally and internationally to measure knowledge and optimise learning paths.


OneBonsai specialises in building virtual reality training courses. VR training helps to better train staff and is used in healthcare, fire safety, the army and logistics sectors, among others. OneBonsai uses VR to make training interesting, interactive and more impactful.

Our clients