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Acco Learn for Business has everything you need to successfully train your customers or staff. Not only will they be able to deal more effectively with your proposition, but your organisation too will benefit from improved levels of service.

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High-impact learning solutions

Maximise the impact of your efforts with an (online) learning solution from Acco Learn for Business, such as an onboarding, e-learning or blended learning journey. At all times with the highest possible learning outcome, founded on our strategic vision of learning and evidence-based didactic principles. Whoever you train: we make sure that everyone is on board.

Teach customers to work with your proposition

Innovations only succeed when end-users are able to implement them. If your aim is to increase the appeal of your products and services, why not tie this in with a dynamic and activating learning journey from Acco Learn for Business? This will result in smoother implementation and, in turn, more satisfied customers, thus reducing the pressure on your customer support services and making it easier to up- or downscale your proposition. This creates openings for growth and even better health care.

Keep your staff up-to-date

Upskilling your employees is more important than ever. At the same time, in-house training programmes are time-intensive, with face-to-face only sessions no longer being possible on account of the ‘new normal’. Call in Acco Learn for Business for effective blended learning solutions that represent a smart way of combining online and offline learning. Not only does this save on time, but it also boosts productivity, motivation and satisfaction levels amongst your employees.

The 4-layer model for successful learning

In order to provide businesses with insights into their own learning situation, we have developed the 4-layer model for successful learning. Taking the learner’s own perspective as the starting point, we help you identify all the elements you need to achieve optimum learning outcomes. On this basis we are able to map out a learning journey with you. You can either put this into action yourself, or we can plan it out in full on your behalf.

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More than 60 years of learning experience

For more than half a century, Acco has been pioneering didactically sound blended learning solutions for higher education. With Acco Learn for Business too, we aim to inject this know-how into your business, through staggered learning, direct instruction, direct and elaborative feedback, etc. By applying academically proven learning strategies to your learning solution, we can guarantee that learning takes place as effectively as possible.

At home in healthcare

As a medical devices, pharmaceutical or healthcare company, your aim is to entrust highly specialised developments and services to those who know your industry inside-out. Acco Learn for Business has many years’ expertise working in the healthcare sector. Like no other, we help your organisation with the transfer of complex know-how into a readily accessible teaching form.

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Digital support

Have you invested in an e-learning platform or Learning Management System (LMS) whose outcome was below expectation? Or are you still without e-learning tools? At Acco Learn for Business, we help you choose the tools that best fit your business and your expectations. This is founded on our extensive experience with learning platforms, including our own: Sofia.

Dedicated professionals

At Acco Learn for Business we are able to develop a learning solution fully geared up to your needs, quickly and effectively. To do this, our team brings together a wide range of experts – from learning consultants and designers to editors – who guarantee you total peace of mind, from start to finish.

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Contact Niels Strybos or Erwin Lenaers: two of our learning consultants at Acco Learn for Business.

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