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As a company in medtech, pharma or healthcare, you want to confidently entrust your highly specialised developments and services to people who are in touch with your industry. Acco Learn for Business has years of expertise in the healthcare sector. Like no other, we help your organisation in translating complex knowledge into an accessible educational format.

High-impact learning solutions

Your organisation is engaged in new medical developments on a daily basis. Why not increase the impact of those efforts with an (online) learning solution from Acco Learn for Business? Through onboarding, e-learning or a blended learning journey, every learning solution we devise is aimed at gaining the highest possible learning outcome, based on our strategic vision of learning and evidence-based didactic principles. Whether it’s your customers or patients you want to support, or your own staff you want to train, we make sure that everyone is on board.

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Hack your learning

In order to provide businesses with insights into their own learning situation, we have developed the ‘hack your learning’ framework to learn more in less time. Taking the learner’s own perspective as the starting point, we help you identify all the elements you need to achieve optimal learning outcomes. On this basis we are able to map out a learning journey with you. You can either put this into action yourself, or we can plan it out in full on your behalf.

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What our customers say about us

Fluidda, world leader in Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI), asked Acco Learn for business to provide an online training programme. In close consultation with Fluidda, we developed a blended learning experience, consisting of a digital learning path in combination with face-to-face meeting between trainer and learner. This learning experience is more user-friendly, eliminates the need for the trainer to go on site and provides more research locations at the same time for such training purpose. Not only does it lead to savings in time and money for Fluidda, but it also makes it easier to scale up the training.

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Our team

At Acco Learn for Business, we quickly and effectively develop a learning solution tailored to your needs. To do so, our team gathers a wide range of experts – from learning consultants through designers to final editors – who are happy to take care of everything from A to Z.

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