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9 tips for succeeding with blended learning

Blended learning offers the best of both worlds: online and offline learning. It intensifies the impact of your training, because the benefits of synchronous and asynchronous learning can be combined. Are you convinced, but just don’t know where to begin? Get a head start with these 9 tips. 


1. Don’t lose sight of the human element

Seek out the human aspects of learning. Begin your course with an offline meeting, setting your goals and expectations. This creates better bonding between course participants, but also between the trainer and the student. Make sure there is scope for informal contact. 

2. Alternate text, image,audio and video. 

Create motivational e-learning sessions by switching between text, image, audio and video. Your PowerPoint presentation will be a good starting point from which to structure an effective curriculum, which addresses the specific learning style of the student to absorb the information. 

3. Ensure interaction

Make sure there is interaction between teacher and student. Good feedback and coaching are vital in the learning process. This can be done online, for example, in the form of a flipped classroom or automated feedback to exercises, but also via chat and conferencing tools. 

4. Activate course participants

Get your students to learn actively. Give them the chance to discover and to experiment, to discuss and argue, to present and explain. 

5. Harness the enthusiasm of your trainer(s)

Take advantage of trainers’ enthusiasm. Not just when you have personal contact with them, but also via videos in which they are giving direct instructions for the subject matter. For example, try using videos which provide feedback. 

6. Use a modular way of working

Do not assume there is one learning pathway. Try to work in a flexible and modular fashion. Regularly use tests at the beginning and end of modules. This way your student can assess the extent to which he or she has to go through the next chapter completely, for example. You can also choose to ‘unlock’ chapters only if scores have been sufficient. In this way you can ensure that students have properly understood the subject matter before taking the next step. 

7. Reward and confirm

Reward your students. Not only at the end of the course, but in between too. Students crave confirmation and reward. Play on this ‘craving’ to maximise motivation. 

8. Organise your feedback

Organise an offline meeting before the final test, when students are given the chance to discuss any remaining questions and uncertainties. Use this meeting to collect feedback and so adapt the course, if necessary. 

9. Improve your course on the basis offeedback 

Feedback of students, on its own, is not enough to quantify the success of your course. Consider too, the workload placed on your support staff, client satisfaction, and the progress made by students. Focus on any contentious issues to improve your course. 

So, is blended learning for you? 

After reading these tips, are you still unsure if your course is adequate? The Acco Learn Quick Scan helps let you know quickly if you have made the right choices.