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Every day, teachers like yourself are committed to supporting their students in their learning process. Acco Learn, together with you, devises learning solutions so that students can enjoy their learning experience to the full, with an optimum outcome.

For higher education

High-impact learning solutions

Motivating and supporting students with a solid learning path is the goal of every teacher. Improve the results of your study programme with a learning solution from Acco Learn, such as a blended coursebook, e-learning module or course. At all times these are aimed at bringing about the highest possible learning outcome for each student, thanks to the use of active learning and blended learning principles. We help lighten your load through a mix of didactical structure, content creation and choice of technology.

Active learning and blended learning as the basis

The active learning approach encourages students to adopt an active learning process. It offers a mix of learning forms, for example, online, face-to-face, paper-based or digital. This combination of activities is referred to as blended learning and allows you to choose the most appropriate form for each part of the learning trajectory. Active learning and blended learning form the basis of each of Acco Learn’s learning solutions.

Active learning

The active learning method encourages students to actively assimilate information. Higher education stimulates this approach, since active learning is designed to improve learning outcomes and students’ motivation.

Blended learning

Blended learning combines digital and offline forms of learning in a complementary mix which is dovetailed to your study programme. This allows you to choose the most appropriate form for each part of the learning path. This might be an instructional film, a tutorial clip or a digital learning path. In this way, you can harness the strengths of different learning forms in situations which benefit students the most.

Customised study materials

What do you need in terms of didactics, content and technology? Acco Learn helps you make the right choices in each of these areas so that your study materials are dovetailed to your study programme. Through our collaboration with teachers, we have developed a number of models for study materials which meet the specific needs of higher education.

Customised study materials

Digital support

How can the right technology support your learning path? Acco Learn helps you choose the right technological support for your learning solution, whether this be e-learning, video, virtual reality or an app. We do this for you together with our partners.

Digital support

60 years’ experience in higher education

Acco Learn has 60 years’ experience in higher education. Our learning consultants  know the ins-and-outs of higher education like no other. Their experience is a guarantee of the best learning solution.


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