Our team

At Acco Learn for Business, you’ll be working with a team of passionate learning experts. Each team member has a different background, but they all share the same vision of innovative learning.

Niels Strybos

Learning consultant

Digital learning experience designer

Contact Niels: +32 (0)498 39 81 92

Erwin Lenaers

Learning consultant

Learning experience designer

Contact Erwin: +32 (0)497 42 17 90

Bart De Prins

Digital project manager

Educational technology expert

Krijn Boom

Learning experience designer

Video & image designer

Flore Antonneau

Learning experience designer

Marie Vanhoutte

Learning experience designer

Editorial team

Our editorial team is made up of driven experts: Hilde, Kevin and Lara. They take care of language and image editing, organise content production and ensure that all content is delivered in good time to shape the learning experience.