About Acco

For more than 60 years, Acco has been supporting higher education – and nowadays businesses too – in the design, development and distribution of high-quality, blended study materials.

Our vision

About Acco

Did you know that 250,000 people own shares in Acco? These 250,000 shareholders and Acco colleagues truly own a piece of Acco. When you buy a share, you invest in yourself and in more democratic education. Not only do you get lifelong discounts at all Acco (web)shops, but you also become part of a powerful collective that makes learning more affordable for everyone. The best proof? On average, you save €5.31 per purchase by being part of Acco.

That democratic idea has been at the core since the very beginning. In fact, it’s the reason for our existence. Acco was founded in 1960 as a cooperative organization by and for students. The goal was clear: to print course materials at competitive prices and make higher education accessible to everyone. These special roots explain why creating opportunities for every student remains so important to us today. By offering discounts, establishing partnerships, and organizing additional actions for students, we continue to prioritize an affordable student experience.

Together with all these shareholders, colleagues, and partners, we have grown into a substantial network. Today, we have an educational and scientific publishing house in Belgium and the Netherlands (Acco Learn), a spin-off for businesses (Acco Learn for Business), five book and office stores (Acco Shops), and a printing press (Print & Productions by Acco). As an innovative organization, we constantly look towards the future. We have developed our own learning platform, are highly flexible in distributing blended content (digital + print), and have invested in a hyper-efficient printing service. By combining forces and innovating, we strive day by day to achieve our mission: giving as many people as possible the chance to bring out the best in themselves through accessible learning materials.


Acco Learn Publishing

Better learning leads to flourishing individuals. At Acco Learn, we are firmly convinced of this belief.

As an educational and scientific publishing house, we work tirelessly every day to support you and your students. If you want to provide the best possible support to your learners, then Acco Learn is the perfect partner to transform your expertise into powerful publications.

As an author, you can rely on us for strong expertise, dedicated guidance, and complete support throughout the entire publishing process. From concept to production and distribution, all the way to broad marketing and attractive royalties, together we will create an inspiring publication that fully meets the needs of students. The result? It will be well-structured, written in a smooth and to-the-point manner, and also available in the affordable formats that students prefer: printed, digital, or blended.

Why do we emphasize affordability and accessibility? To understand that, you need to go back to our unique roots. In 1960, Acco was founded as a cooperative organization by and for students to make education more democratic. To this day, students have a seat on our board of directors, we maintain a fixed price per page, and Acco Learn remains the publishing house for authors who care about learners.

If you do the math quickly, you’ll realize that we have over 60 years of experience as a publisher with a focus on higher education. We combine this accumulated expertise with an innovative approach to improve learning experiences. We offer great flexibility in the distribution of blended content: through our own learning platform, as well as seamless integration with other platforms of your choice.

Furthermore, we keep a close eye on the pulse of the education landscape. We conduct annual surveys with students and teachers, hold student panels, and engage in countless personal conversations. This allows us to understand the needs of institutions, teachers, and students like no other, and gives us an extensive network and a clear view of all potential markets. Your publication will benefit from this, both online and offline, in Belgium and the Netherlands. We collaborate closely with Acco Learn Netherlands and have an in-depth understanding of the Dutch educational field, seizing opportunities for you there as well.


Acco Learn for Business

Lifelong learning pays off. Not only for your company and employees but also for your customers. Especially when you approach it with enthusiasm, in minimal time, and with maximum learning outcomes. At Acco Learn for Business, the spin-off of the cooperative organization Acco, which is committed to accessible education and lifelong learning, we have everything it takes to make your training programs shorter, more effective, and enjoyable.

Our offerings span from didactic advice and train-the-trainer programs to the development of complete training courses. Whatever your learning needs are, we tackle them head-on. Do you want to dive into e-learning? Integrate the latest technologies? Embrace micro-learning in your training? Or are you seeking the perfect combination of in-person and digital teaching? Acco Learn for Business creates stimulating learning experiences that contribute to your success.

How do we go about it? We always provide tailored solutions based on the needs of the learners and your company. By using engaging teaching methods, we ensure that people are motivated to learn. This applies across various sectors; for instance, we have a close connection with the medical industry. With evidence-based learning strategies, we shorten learning time and enhance learning outcomes. We don’t impose learning technologies but rather work in a way that best suits your needs. And we keep a close eye on things: by evaluating during and after the learning process, we ensure that your training always achieves the desired objectives.

By the way, when we say ‘we,’ we mean Niels, Anke, Noortje, Evi and the publishers of Acco Learn, and a broad pool of experts. Together, we form a powerful team that can flawlessly handle an end-to-end approach to your challenges.


Acco Shop

A student usually handles their budget with caution. That’s why Acco is the affordable one-stop-shop for every student. At Acco Shop, you’ll find an extensive range of high-quality study and office materials, including top brands, at the best prices. From textbooks to highlighters and everything in between, we believe that study supplies should be affordable for everyone.

Acco is not your typical company; it’s a cooperative organization. Our focus is not on more-more-more, but on accessible education for every student. With an impressive 250,000 shareholders, we form a powerful collective that can fight for the best deals every day.

When you buy a share from us for 31 euros, Acco becomes a part of you as well. We mean it. You become an investor in affordable education for everyone. And the profits? They come right back to you in the form of significant discounts on your study materials.

Even after your student days are over, you’ll still benefit from your Acco share. Perhaps you’ll want to learn about group dynamics or delve into the emotions of freshwater fish. Or maybe you’ll continue to highlight the most important things with your highlighter every day. Just present your Acco card, and your discounts will apply for your entire life.


Print & Productions by Acco

Are you looking for a reliable partner for printing, ordering prints, online printing, or self-printing? Look no further than Print & Productions by Acco for high-quality and sustainable printing at competitive prices.

Acco and printing go way back. In 1960, Acco was founded as a cooperative organization by students to print course materials at affordable prices. Our mission – accessible education for everyone – has remained unchanged over the years, as has the low fixed page price that keeps study materials inexpensive and accessible to all.

What has evolved is how we handle printing and for whom. Our user-friendly online print-on-demand service, where you can order prints online and we take care of the beautiful execution, is not only popular among students and higher education institutions but also among numerous organizations and companies. Our extensive experience in higher education has also led to great expertise in printing (doctoral) theses.

The common thread throughout our story? Sustainability. By printing FSC-certified, using green energy, employing sustainable printers, and smartly recovering packaging materials, we strive for the smallest possible environmental impact every day.

Help build us learning solutions in our publishing house, shops and printing plant

Work at Acco

We are regularly looking for new colleagues to join our team. Do you want to work with us to shape the future of learning? Provide advice to students and professionals and distribute a strong range of study materials? Deliver high-quality printing?

At Acco, you will become part of a vibrant, creative, and innovative environment where people are at the heart of everything we do. Your enthusiastic and engaged colleagues will give you a boost every day.