How we work

Inspiration & ideation

For each new collaboration, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the initial situation. Together, we identify the target group and the learning goals and single out points for improvement in terms of didactics, motivation and content. The result is a learning journey which serves as a basis for an ideal, future-proof learning solution.

Content mapping & creation

Where does each piece of content fit in your learning journey? What medium is best suited to your target group? During this phase our learning consultants plan how the training will run its course. Our content creators will then process your current content and, where necessary, develop new. Rapid feedback loops guarantee the best quality.

Delivery & evaluation

Once the content is ready, it’s about getting it to the right person at the right time. At Acco Learn for Business we can provide the content, either on your own learning platform, or on the ACCO Learning Platform Sofia, via an app or on paper, supported by VR or AR. After the launch, we will be happy to assess the effectiveness of the learning solution with you so that it can be further optimised, if required.