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Active, blended study materials, customised to your study programme, give support to your students’ learning process. The stronger the mix of content, teaching methods and technology, the better the learning outcome. Acco Learn supports you in making the right choices in each of these areas.

For higher education

Advice on and creation of teaching methods, content and technology

Teaching methods, content and technology are the building blocks for every blended learning path, and that includes your study materials too. The stronger the mix, the better the learning outcome.

Acco Learn’s learning consultants will help you make the right choices: which teaching methods do you want to use and how will these fit into a learning path? What content do you already have and what do you still need? And what technology best supports your learning path?

Working together, we will advise you on finding a suitable learning solution. If needed, we can create the building blocks on which to achieve your learning solution. The result? Blended study materials which are fully customised to the needs of yourself, your students and your study programme.

Based on years of partnering teachers in higher education, we have developed a number of models which meet the frequently stated learning needs.



Your learning consultant will go through your current study materials with you. We will identify your target group and what you aim to achieve with your study materials. What content do you already have? And what content do you still need? Once these questions have been answered, we will draw up the ideal learning path together.


We collect the results of the analysis and together we decide on the course of the learning path. We take stock of the existing building blocks, determine what still needs to done and plan a route for its realisation.


Our content creators make the building blocks for your learning solution. We rework your existing content or create new content and then join this up to make a coherent whole. We also help you present this content to your students in the best possible way: on your own learning platform, on the Acco learning platform Sofia, in virtual or augmented reality, or even in an app.


Your learning consultant will assess the effectiveness of your current study materials with you. Does the learning path have the desired impact on the student’s learning process? Is the learning process sufficiently active and motivational? Do we need to step in and modify the learning path to increase the impact of the learning solution?


Blended text book

If you aim to publish your content within your professional field on a wider level, opt for a blended text book. A blended text book is our full-option alternative for your study materials. By helping you develop your ideas, we offer support throughout and help bring about concrete results.


A smart study guide, like Blokwijzer, is the preferred study material for teachers who wish to publish content for their own student group. It provides a stepping stone to blended learning: every Blokwijzer smart study guide comes with a digital module on Sofia, our learning platform.


A coursebook is a good option for small groups. We provide support where necessary to optimise your study materials, both linguistically and structurally.

Digital only

Do you prefer to keep your content constantly up-to-date and available everywhere? If so, opt for the Digital only learning solution.

A Digital only learning solution is an e-learning option on the Sofia learning platform. We help you develop your concept and with the creation of the digital content.

Select & Learn

Select & Learn is the ideal solution if you’re looking for existing content from quality study materials from Acco and supplemented with your own materials. Select & Learn is effective for small groups of students. If the source work is blended, your Select & Learn publication is too.

Acco Study Materials Tool

Indicate your choice of study material through a simple online tool. In just a few clicks you can let us know whether you’d prefer using the same Acco study materials ordered for the last academic year, or you’d rather switch or supplement these with other study materials.

Likewise, if you want to use books from Acco or from other domestic or foreign publishers, you can also indicate this in the Acco Study Material Tool.  Our bookstores will then buy these in for your students and we will put together a handy bibliography.


Ask one of our learning consultants

Feel free to contact one of our Acco Learn learning consultants for higher education or our Acco Learn account manager for higher education.

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