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As a company working in the healthcare sector, you provide complex products or services. Acco Learn for Business has everything you need to successfully guide your clients, patients and staff, so your users can get the most out of your offer, and your organisation can contribute to even better care provision.

For businesses in the healthcare sector

High-impact learning solutions

You work with new medical developments every day. Are you looking for a way to increase the impact of your efforts? Acco Learn for Business offers a range of learning solutions, such as onboarding, e-learning or blended learning journeys. Our solutions are always efficient, built on our strong vision of learning and evidence-based didactic principles. Whether you want to support your customers or patients, or train your own staff, we ensure everyone is included.

Teach customers or patients to use your products correctly

Healthcare innovations are only successful if end users – your clients or patients – are able to implement them correctly. Do you want to increase the attractiveness of your device, therapy or technology? Add them to a dynamic and activating learning journey from Acco Learn for Business to deliver smoother adoption and more satisfied customers, reducing pressure on your customer support and making your product scalable. This leadsthe way to growth and even better healthcare.

Keep your staff up-to-date

Upskilling your staff is more important than ever. But internal training takes a lot of time to organise and in the ‘new normal’, it can’t always be done face-to-face. You can rely on Acco Learn for Business for targeted blended learning solutions that combine online and offline learning. As a result, you gain time and you boost your employees’ productivity, motivation and satisfaction.

The 3-layer model for successful learning

To offer businesses an insight into their own learning situation, we’ve developed the 3-layer model for successful learning®. Taking the learner as the starting point and the fundamental perspective, we look at every element you need to achieve the maximum learning impact. From there, we map out a learning journey together. You can use that journey to get started yourself, or we can develop it for you completely.

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More than 60 years of learning experience

For more than half a century, Acco has been a pioneer in creating didactically strong blended learning solutions for higher education. With Acco Learn for Business, we use this know-how to boost your company. Spaced practice, direct instruction, direct and elaborative feedback… By applying scientifically proven learning strategies to your learning solution, we guarantee that learning happens in the most effective way possible.

At home in healthcare

As a medtech, pharma or healthcare business, you want to be confident entrusting specialised developments and services to people who have a feel for your industry. Acco Learn for Business has years of expertise in the health sector. We can help your organisation to translate complicated knowledge into an accessible pedagogical format.

Digital support

Have you invested in an e-learning platform or Learning Management System (LMS), but the results aren’t what you expected? Or maybe you don’t have the tools for e-learning yet? At Acco Learn for Business, we’ll help you choose the tools that best suit your company and your expectations. We do this based on our extensive experience with learning platforms including our own platform, Sofia.

Dedicated professionals

At Acco Learn for Business, we’ll quickly and efficiently develop a learning solution tailored to your needs. To do this, our team brings together a wide range of experts – from learning consultants to designers and editors – who will be happy to take care of the whole process for you from A to Z.

Meet our team

How we work

Inspiration & ideation

Every collaboration starts with a thorough analysis of your situation. Together, we’ll look at your target group and the learning objectives, and identify areas for improvement in didactics, motivation and content. The result is a learning journey that forms the foundation for your ideal, future-proof learning solution.

Content mapping & creation

What place does each piece of content have in your learning journey? Which medium best suits your target group? In this phase our learning consultants plan the outline of the training. Our content creators edit your existing content and develop new material. Fast feedback loops guarantee the highest quality.

Delivery & evaluation

Once your content is ready, it’s about getting it to the right person at the right time. Acco Learn for Business helps you to deliver the content on your own platform or Acco’s Sofia learning platform, via an app or on paper, supported by VR or AR. After the launch, we can review the effectiveness of the learning solution together in order to optimise it where necessary.

What customers say about us

“We experienced a smooth collaboration thanks to Acco being professional and well prepared. They helped us in structuring our content but also improved it by making it didactically correct, allowing our users to consume it more easily.”

Wilfried De Backer, Executive Chair Fluidda

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