First-class study materials for an affordable price

A coursebook is a good choice for student groups, whether small or large. Study materials can be published flexibly at an affordable price, and you will be given official status as author. Acco Learn will make sure your study materials are produced and distributed efficiently.

Do you also want to optimise your study materials in terms of language and structure? Acco Learn offers a language and structure-related editing as an additional service.

Flexibility and a fixed price per page

Education should be accessible for everyone. For that reason, a coursebook has a fixed price of €0.0515 per page (for black and white prints), regardless of the size of your student group. What’s more, Acco shareholders get 25% discount on Acco coursebooks.

If you want flexible publishing of your coursebook, it’s possible to revise your content annually. You can also choose between a standard Acco Learn cover or a personalised one which includes your institution’s logo.

For each coursebook you also get access to a digital version of the text via Sofia, the Acco Learn learning platform.

Acco Study Materials Tool

Indicate your choice of study material through a simple online tool. In just a few clicks you can let us know whether you’d prefer to keep using the same study materials ordered from Acco Learn for the last academic year, or whether you’d rather switch or supplement these with other study materials.

Likewise, if you want to use books from Acco Learn or from other domestic or foreign publishers, you can also indicate this in the Acco Study Material Tool. Our bookstores will then buy these in for your students and we will put together a handy bibliography for whatever the study programme.

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Additional editing for language and structure

If you’d like to optimise your study materials, we have a team of professional editors ready to help. They will check your content for spelling, grammar and structure.

If you decide on a coursebook with additional editing for language and structure, the fixed price per page no longer applies. The price of your coursebook will be subject to a small surcharge for this service.

Digital support

How can the right technology support your learning path? Acco Learn helps you choose the right technological support for your learning solution, whether this be e-learning, video, virtual reality or an app. We do this for you together with our partners.

Customised study materials

What do you need in terms of didactics, content and technology? Acco Learn helps you make the right choices in each of these areas so that your study materials are dovetailed to your study programme. Through our collaboration with teachers, we have developed a number of models for study materials which meet the specific needs of higher education.

Ask one of our learning consultants

Feel free to contact one of our Acco Learn learning consultants for higher education or our Acco Learn account manager for higher education.

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