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Blended text book

A whole range of options for your study materials

A blended text book gives you a whole range of options for building differentiated, flexible and adaptive learning paths for your students. Add to this topical and multimedia content and you are well on your way to giving your students optimum support in their studies.

Are you looking for a sustainable learning solution, in which you can choose a didactic structure with active teaching within a blended concept? Would you like to put your own personal stamp on these study materials, or that of your educational institution? And would you like to make them more widely available than simply for your own student group?

If so, opt for the blended text book. Our learning consultants help you develop your ideas, offering support throughout and bringing about concrete results.

Sustainable and for wider use

A blended text book is a sustainable learning solution: work out a learning concept that can be used over the course of several (academic) years and which fully meets the needs of your students. Students show a preference for accessing both paper and digital study materials,* so blended study materials allow your students to deal with the subject matter at their own pace.

Your blended text book can be used more widely too, not just within your own study programme, but elsewhere too. If other teachers choose to use your text book in their own teaching, the digital component can easily be adapted to suit their own context and topicality.

(*Results of a survey sent out by Acco in May 2020 to 285 teachers and 896 students in higher education in Flanders.)

Active learning and blended learning

When you develop your blended text book you will be supported by learning consultants who will help you in areas such as didactic structure, content development and the choice of tools. They do this taking into account the principles of active and blended learning. In this way you can be assured that your study materials are motivational for your students, providing them with a valuable learning experience.

Blended learning

Complete guidance in the development and realisation of ideas

With our learning consultants, you will work out an ideal learning path, based on an analysis of your current study materials, your target group and your goals. Within this learning path, you will together decide on a didactic structure, content and tools.

Our content creators will help you flesh out your content: where necessary, they will edit, structure and create additional multimedia content.

The result? A learning solution that suits both you and your student group.

Digital support

How can the right technology support your learning path? Acco Learn helps you choose the right technological support for your learning solution, whether this be e-learning, video, virtual reality or an app. We do this for you together with our partners.

Customised study materials

What do you need in terms of didactics, content and technology? Acco Learn helps you make the right choices in each of these areas so that your study materials are dovetailed to your study programme. Through our collaboration with teachers, we have developed a number of models for study materials which meet the specific needs of higher education.

Ask one of our learning consultants

Feel free to contact one of our Acco Learn learning consultants for higher education or our Acco Learn account manager for higher education.

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