Your stepping stone to blended learning

A Blokwijzer learning solution helps you create study materials which are blended and active. The Blokwijzer is a smart study guide which combines a course on paper with a well-planned didactic structure and a digital module on Sofia, the Acco Learn learning platform.

Need help to get started with blended learning and active learning? Would you like to publish study materials for your own student group?

If so, choose a Blokwijzer learning solution – the smart study guide. Our learning consultants will help you develop an optimised didactic structure full of active teaching methods. For each smart study guide there are personalised teaching materials which make lessons easier.

Get started with blended study materials

Creating a mix of offline and online study materials, extending a learning path, etc. There’s a lot more to developing blended study materials than meets the eye. A Blokwijzer learning solution is the ideal stepping stone for teachers who are starting out with blended learning. Each Blokwijzer smart study guide includes digital study materials via an online module on the Sofia learning platform.

Sofia gives you access to learning analytics via a easy-to navigate dashboard. In this way you can keep up-to-speed on the activities and the results of your students.

Blended learning

Didactic structure full of active teaching methods

It’s not always easy choosing active teaching methods which get your students working proactively with your learning content. The didactic structure of the Blokwijzer is well-thought out, containing elements that support learning, such as learning objectives, knowledge frameworks, synthesis exercises and other active methods. This structure helps support your students when they note-take, reflect and structure their studies.

Active learning

Support with language and structure

A professional editor edits and structures the offline and online learning materials. We provide your Blokwijzer with structure, with a clear lay-out along a fixed format.

Universiteit Hasselt opts for Blokwijzer

This video will help you discover why the University of Hasselt has opted for the Blokwijzer.

Digital support

How can the right technology support your learning path? Acco Learn helps you choose the right technological support for your learning solution, whether this be e-learning, video, virtual reality or an app. We do this for you together with our partners.

Customised study materials

What do you need in terms of didactics, content and technology? Acco Learn helps you make the right choices in each of these areas so that your study materials are dovetailed to your study programme. Through our collaboration with teachers, we have developed a number of models for study materials which meet the specific needs of higher education.

Ask one of our learning consultants

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