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Teacher's copies

Please note: our registration forms for teacher’s copies are currently only available in Dutch. Contact us if you need more information.

Want to evaluate whether a publication from the current Acco catalog is right for your course? Then request a free teacher copy. There are conditions attached to your request. You will receive an evaluation form after you have had the opportunity to view the teacher’s copy.

Not sure which Acco publication is right for your course? Our publishers will help you find a suitable learning solution.

Request your teacher’s copy

Please note: you can only request teacher copies for publications published by Acco Learn. In doubt about the publisher of your publication? Look up the ISBN number in our Acco Shop. At ‘Specifications’ you will find the name of the publisher.

  • Opgelet: je kan alleen docentenexemplaren aanvragen voor publicaties uitgegeven door Acco Learn.

Contact our account manager for higher education

Contact our Acco Learn account manager for higher education

Contact us

Conditions for requesting teacher copies

  • The requested publication can be used as a textbook for higher education (university, college or CVO).
  • The requested publication is relevant to the course or subject in which you teach.
  • The course is attended by at least twenty students.
  • The book can be sent to a Belgian or Dutch address.