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Working towards the future with blended learning paths

87.84%* of students in higher education in Flanders find it easier to assimilate theory if they have access to digital study materials, such as online exercises, tests or visual aids. And that comes as no surprise: multimedia and digital tools allow you to make the information more easily recognisable, concrete, up-to-date and geared up to your students. In addition, your students can themselves choose the tempo at which they assimilate the information.

Supplementing your study materials with a digital component, therefore, has many benefits. Nevertheless, if you do develop a blended learning path, many other questions arise. Acco Learn helps you choose digital support and develop multimedia for your learning solution.

(*Results of a survey sent out by Acco in May 2020 to 285 teachers and 896 students in higher education in Flanders.)

E-learning via Learning Management Systems

How do you choose and integrate the right digital tools for your learning path? Acco Learn helps shape your learning path in an e-learning setting in a Learning Management System (LMS) of your own choosing. In this way you can take advantage of all the benefits offered by an LMS:

  • Accessing study materials whenever and wherever you want.
  • Taking digital notes, marking and annotating.
  • Observing how your students learn via learning analytics.
  • Interactive exercises.
  • Class management in one location.

You can also opt for Sofia, Acco Learn’s own learning platform. Sofia is the link between your digital study materials and your own LMS. Sofia can, for example, be seamlessly integrated into your own institution’s LMS. In this way your students have access to high-quality digital study materials without them having to change platforms.

Digital tools and multimedia

Have you identified your learning path and learning objectives and do you know what teaching methods you wish to use offline and online? If so, it’s time to analyse for which content or teaching method you want to use the digital tool. The learning consultants at Acco Learn will help you identify the best possible tool in every context.

What’s more, Acco Learn helps you find or develop multimedia that best suits your learning path, for example:

  • Photography
  • Audio
  • videos, for example, screencasts or tutorials: scripts, recording, editing, distribution
  • 3D applications
  • Virtual reality environments
  • Apps

Ask one of our learning consultants

Feel free to contact one of our Acco Learn learning consultants for higher education or our Acco Learn account manager for higher education.

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