Leadership Essentials Programme

Are you looking to boost your leadership skills to the next level? This online course, created by senior leadership expert Bieke Van Gool, will elevate your leadership skills so you can inspire, motivate, and effectively lead others.


Elevate your leadership skills

Through seven modules, you’ll explore the domains of personal, interpersonal, and organisational leadership, embarking on a mind-opening journey within the field of leadership development.

Whether you’re a seasoned executive or a rising professional ready to take on more significant responsibilities, the ‘Leadership Essentials’ programme is your complete and comprehensive roadmap.

This course is a collaboration between leadership coach Bieke Van Gool and the learning experts at Acco. Together we are committed to delivering an outcome-focused learning experience, ensuring new perspectives, effectiveness and efficiency in your journey.

“The alternation of videos and exercises makes it very accessible! Professionalism shines through: scientifically underpinned in combination with specific examples from practical experience. It opens my mind and supports my daily leadership at work.“

— Kristof Rombouts (Master of Business Engineering), Den Berk Délice

About Bieke Van Gool

Drawing on over two decades of experience in leadership development as an executive leadership advisor, keynote speaker, author, and guest lecturer at the University of Antwerp and Antwerp Management School, Bieke is here to share insights and guide participants.

Having personally conducted over 1000 leadership development sessions in small, medium-sized, and international corporate organisations (such as Telenet, EY, Danone, Veolia, Vito Mol, Rijkswaterstraat, Damen Shipyards, etc.), she brings real-world experiences to this course.

Her goal? To equip participants with the tools to become exceptionally effective in their roles. Let’s set course together!

“Bieke Van Gool has had an undeniable impact on the leadership development programme of my team, the Board of EY – ACR. Bieke not only excels at creating connection, but also demonstrates a remarkably quick understanding of our world and the market in which we operate. This enabled us to go straight to the heart of the matter, with the result that we quickly saw tangible improvements in team dynamics. Her interventions not only united our group, but also paved the way for further leadership growth and development.”

Philippe Verhoeven, EY EMEIA ACR Leader & EY Partner 


I learned from Bieke that what you pay attention to, grows. Ever since, my focus is where my priority is. First things first. As much as possible.

Koen Lauwerysen, Chairman of the Board of Den Berk Délice


Thanks to Bieke, I learned to be a stronger leader by better understanding the different needs of the people in my team and my department. Bieke also supported me and my team to better communicate about essential topics and develop a common language. Particularly in times of hybrid working, this has proven to be invaluable.

Pieter Huyskens, Director of Damen Research


Under Bieke’s guidance, I learned how to promote effective communication across my organization by building a deeper understanding of different management drives, including my own.

Wesley Pryor, CEO of Acheron Trading

Efficient Learning, Expertly Crafted

This very complete leadership programme is supported by the didactic experts at Acco.

Acco, a cooperative company with comprehensive expertise in lifelong learning and didactics, specializes in creating tailored content for businesses, universities, and colleges. They guide organisations in transferring practical knowledge quickly, efficiently, and sustainably.

Rest assured that the leadership programme is meticulously designed for optimal and efficient learning methods.

What will you learn?

This thoughtfully designed course is aimed at providing you with essential insights, knowledge and techniques enabling you to grow your skills and show connected leadership. Through seven modules, you’ll explore the domains of personal, interpersonal, and organisational leadership, embarking on a valuable journey within the field of leadership development.

Module 1: Introduction

Get acquainted with the programme structure, methodologies, and understand the impact of lifelong learning on your leadership development. Gain insights into your unique leadership context.

Module 2: The essence of connected leadership

Explore key concepts from psychology, sociology and neuro-science, focusing on attention, connections, and self-awareness. Delve into the nuances of vertical and horizontal connections and discover the transformative power of self-knowledge.

Module 3: Grow your leadership on a personal level

Develop your personal leadership skills by understanding ownership, goal-setting, and enhancing social skills. Embark on a personal journey of transformation while broadening your context intelligence and environmental awareness.

Module 4: Grow your leadership on an interpersonal level

Learn to impact others positively, foster effective teamwork, and create high-impact teams. Acquire techniques for motivation, delegation, communication, and coaching, emphasizing collaboration over control.

Module 5: Grow your leadership on an organisational level

Expand your influence within larger complexity of the organisational system. Explore systemic approaches to increase effectiveness, boost adaptability and implement strategies on a broader scale. Address topics like shared future vision, conflict resolution, psychological safety, and the role of emotions in the organisation.

Module 6: Learn to manage and balance (y)our hybrid world

Navigate the challenges of our dynamic world with insights into the cosmopolitan perspective. Tackle paradoxes in leadership and adapt to the ‘VUCA-world,’ ensuring continuous growth and success in your leadership role.

Module 7: Conclusion

Reflect on your learning journey, consolidating the knowledge gained throughout the course. This final module serves as a crucial step in solidifying your understanding and preparing you for continued leadership success.

Contact Bieke Van Gool

If you have any questions about the program or if you’re interested in exploring other leadership tracks, you can reach out to Bieke.

Email: bieke.van.gool@linkx.be

website: www.biekevangool.com


About Acco

Acco is a cooperative company with an allround expertise in lifelong learning and didactics. We create tailored content for businesses, universities and university colleges and guide them towards the most effective and efficient ways of learning through trainings and consultancy.