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Whitepaper: Creating successful e-learnings for the health sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for distance learning, which has prompted companies and organisations in the health sector and beyond to accelerate their transition to e-learning. A transition that has involved a degree of trial and error and learning by doing.

However, as in other sectors that have made a similar transition to contactless modes of operation, we have all noticed that social distancing has its drawbacks. That is certainly true for learning: teachers find it difficult to keep their trainees engaged and trainees miss human  contact and the impact of a teacher. On the other hand, we don’t assume going back to the way things were is the answer. Remote learning has clear advantages: it is independent of time and place, allows trainees to work at their own pace, and requires less organisation. It also opens up many new didactic opportunities.

In the health sector, where continued development is crucial to keep abreast of the latest technologies and techniques, learning is an inseparable part of professional life.

This white paper will give you tools, points for consideration, and tips and tricks to help you find the ideal mix when designing your courses and trainings.